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Omid Akhavan, Founder and Executive Coach

Omid has trained and coached 2,000+ people in 100+ cross-industry organizations on OKRs worldwide. He is based in the Middle East and helps clients with OKRs both remotely and on-site.

He has been an award-winning management consultant and launched his consulting career at IBM (USA, Strategy & Transformation). He is a certified OKR Coach, Lean Coach & Six Sigma Black Belt.

For over 15 years, Omid has helped organizations across different countries and sectors with operational excellence, performance management, strategy execution and business transformation.

Omid Akhavan OKR Coach Consultant
Omid Akhavan OKR Coach Consultant

Sample testimonials written for Omid

“Omid was able to quickly navigate the global structure of our company and division, digest how our global team previously implemented the OKR Program and then tailor the required training and coaching per our requirements to help our  team have a successful implementation.”

Paul Rousseau, VP and head of US Sales

“Working with Omid has been transformational for Slack's Core Infrastructure org. He has helped us to understand and leverage a repeatable framework for defining and setting clear business and engineering goals. His coaching has led our leadership team to be more results-driven and that has shifted the culture for the entire organization.”

Tifin Koch, Head of Strategy & Operations

“Omid’s been a terrific coach, mentor, and thought-partner as our global teams transitioned our OKRs maturity from “crawling” to “walking.” With Omid’s help, we’ve turned the ship around. We have seen strong momentum, and buy-in, from our teams. I highly recommend Omid to others looking for help in a complex, political organization.”

Richard Heins, VP of Product Management

“Omid helped us diagnose our OKRs framework and coached us to improve it based on best practices and our unique requirements. His consulting experience and deep knowledge of OKRs helped us successfully launch v2.0 of our OKRs framework. I recommend him to any organization that requires external help to (re)design or launch OKRs framework.”

Fardad Zand, Chief of Staff, Careem (an Uber company)

"Omid is a highly experienced OKR coach who helped us implement company OKRs with the full 10+ senior leadership team. Throughout the entire process Omid was super reliable, knowledgeable and showed a great degree of flexibility to adapt the OKR framework 100% to our needs."

Jens Noertershaeuser, Founder & Co-CEO

“Omid has helped us to shift from task-driven to outcome-driven. We have reframed the way we approach our work and priorities by stopping and asking, ‘is the work we are doing actually driving the intended impact (and how to measure it)’? No one was asking these questions before; we were releasing new processes and tools without measuring success.”

Alison Zabik, Planning and Decision Technology Manager

Our services, approach and regions

Our 3 services that are often combined in a coherent program are training, coaching and consulting on OKRs and related subjects e.g. Strategy, KPIs, Performance, Goal setting and Outcome thinking.

In our 5 phase approach together we will  1. Clarify your requirements and how you are leading your organization 2. Customize the OKRs framework for you using the global best practices 3. Empower (train and coach) your people on how to define, use, review & manage OKRs 4. Implement the customized framework and kick off the first cycle; 5. Manage and continuously improve the OKRs cycle to cycle

We provide our services both remotely and on-site (business trip) mainly in Europe and the Middle East. In addition to North America and APAC, Omid has worked with UK, EU (Switzerland, Germany, France, etc.) and GCC (Oman, UAE, KSA and Qatar).

Our definition of OKRs and its benefits

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a prioritization and goal-setting framework that helps organizations with performance improvement, strategy execution, and outcome thinking.

Benefits include agility, growth, focus, alignmentcollaboration, transparency, engagement, accountability and learning. OKRs connect with strategy, KPIs and the action plans needed to achieve the results.

OKR was invented by Intel, then got adopted by Google and gradually found its way to organizations of all industries and sizes worldwide. It has become one of the most popular business frameworks ever.

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